Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercise

No matter which type of home gym equipment you purchase, you will get quality cardiovascular exercise from working out on it. There are many benefits to consistent cardiovascular workouts and whether you are working out on a treadmill, an exercise bike, and elliptical machine or a rowing machine, you will experience these benefits. Below is a list of the benefits you can expect to realize from working out.

1) Be in a better mood. This is not a misnomer, it can be scientifically explained. People who get cardiovascular exercise several times a week experience a higher output of endorphins, the chemical released by our brains that make us happy. This increase in endorphins will be realized while you workout, but also for days afterward. The more often you exercise, the more that will be released.

2) Fight disease. Beside lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure, there are many other health benefits to regular cardiovascular exercise. You can prevent serious diseases like type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, and you could even lower your chances of getting several kinds of cancers.

3) Lose weight. This is an obvious one but it should be mentioned because weight control is a problem for so many people and many of them are going about trying to lose weight in the wrong way. While diet is very important for weight loss efforts, many people concentrate too much on diet and not enough on exercise. Counting calories, watching your fat intake and eating enough fruits and vegetables is important and can help you tremendously. However, you must incorporate a consistent workout program into your weight loss program.

4) Reduce stress. If you are looking to perform better at work, feel more relaxed while you are at home, or sleep better, cardiovascular exercise can help you. There are many reasons why cardio workouts can help to reduce your stress levels and all of them will also help to improve your health in other ways as well.