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ProForm Live BikeProForm Live Exercise Bike Equipment

Stationary or exercise bikes provide a very low impact exercise. This type of fitness equipment is especially recommended for beginners, overweight individuals, and for people who have neck and back injuries since the machine carries your weight and provides effective workouts with a very minimal impact.

Safety is one of the most important aspects that exercise bike equipment provide. One false move on a treadmill may cause a serious injury. Injuries of that nature could never happen on a stationary bike, especially on the recumbent type. While it is true that working out on an exercise bike burns less calories compared to using treadmills, they are still preferred by many due to comfort. The stress and discomfort caused by treadmills may break your routine, but the leniency of the exercise bike enables you to do your workout program longer and regularly, which delivers more promising results.

ProForm introduces an innovative exercise bike which brings a whole new game to the exercise bike equipment industry. The ProForm Live Bike features iFit® Live which allows you to experience any terrain from all over the world. Powered by Google Maps, iFit® Live provides a course and your bike automatically adjusts its incline and decline and the resistance to match the terrain.

The ProForm Live Bike also features a 20 degree push button incline to simulate any uphill climb and a 20 degree push button decline that simulates almost any downhill ride. It also uses a chain drive to deliver a smooth, quiet, and comfortable ride. It is capable of accommodating users of up to 250 lbs.

This bike has ergonomically-designed, non-slip handlebars to cut down on fatigue, and the added handlebar grips allow you to adjust the height to find the right fit and to stay comfortable. It also provides an adjustable seat with comfortable padding to find your perfect fit. The pedals with toe cages are designed to keep your feet in place and to increase stability. For added intensity, the pedals can be used with the opposite side up. The ProForm Live Bike is also provided with built-in transport wheels to easily move it from place to place.

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