Rowing Exercise Machine

rowing-exercise-machineA rowing exercise machine simulates the action of watercraft rowing. This machine requires rigorous movements of almost all important body parts, so it tones the muscles and shapes them. Sometimes referred to as an ergometer, because it keeps a check on the amount of work that is performed on it, this piece of fitness equipment switches the body into the ‘calorie burning zone’ after only 5-10 minutes of warm up, which makes the rowing machine even more effective.

Today’s rowing exercise machine consists of a flywheel connected to a chain and a handle. The movement of the flywheel is controlled by using pneumatic, hydraulic, or magnetic damping to mimic the effect of water on the oars. Depending on the types of resistance used, rowing machines are categorized into water resistant rowing machines, air resistant rowing machines, piston resistant rowing machines, magnetic resistant piston machines, or air and magnetic resistant rowing machines. With advanced electronic features and current designs and engineering, modern rowers are lighter, more compact, sturdier, and more precisely represent the action of a real boat.

Recently, rowing machines have become a favorite fitness machine to not just rowers, but also for other athletes and common individuals. Rowing provides a very effective muscle workout. It works a large group of muscles in a single stretch, with great emphasis on the thighs, stomach, hips, and torso; as well as on the back of the upper arms and shoulders. It is often referred to as a strength-endurance workout. Aside from giving an excellent cardiovascular workout, which help builds strong heart and lung muscles, it also stresses muscles throughout the body anaerobically. More importantly, rowing helps to significantly strengthen your core muscles.

The rowing exercise machine is a low impact, intense calorie-burning workout machine. It enables you to burn up to eight hundred calories per hour. Since it is a low impact machine, there is no added stress applied to the knees and elbows, making it more comfortable to use. Furthermore, exercising on a rowing machine is a great stress buster when done on a regular basis. The constant rhythmic movements of the rowing machine are known to have a calming effect on the user.

When using a rowing machine, be sure to use proper technique. The most common injury site for people who use rowers is the lower back. To avoid injury, a proper technique and focus on both mechanics and proper breathing is necessary. The thigh muscles should drive much of the stroke, and the angle of the upper body should never be too far forward or too far back.

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