Stepper Exercise Machine – Is It Really a Good Workout?

With all of the exercise equipment to choose from these days, many people are wondering which type of equipment will give them a good workout. In this article, I will explain why the stepper machine may give you the best bang (workout) for your buck.

First, let’s talk about the cost. It used to be that stepper exercise machines were relatively large and cost thousands of dollars. While the cost of treadmills, ellipticals, and other exercise equipment has stayed about the same over the years, the cost of stair steppers has gone down significantly. There are some steppers that are still pricey (in the thousands), but you can buy a mini stair stepper for as little as $50! For a little more money, you can buy a compact stair stepper for $200 that will track and display heart rate, pace, calories burned, training time, and distance.

Some of you may be wondering if you can really get a good workout from a machine that costs so little. In an independent study done at the Medical College of Wisconsin, the stepper consistently came in second behind the treadmill in calories burned and ahead of the rowing ergometer, the cross-country skiing simulator, the regular exercise bike, and the Airdyne¨ (an exercise bike equipped with bars which work the arm muscles and upper body). To help understand why the stepper did so well in the test, see some of the benefits below:
· Easy to use/do
· Great lower body workout
· Works the glutes and hamstrings (other cardio exercises focus more on the quads)
· Tones muscles
· Gives you increased energy

One of the other benefits is that most steppers these days are small and portable. Not a bad list of benefits for a machine that can be purchased even on a tight budget.

Stepper exercise machines are affordable pieces that would be a good addition to anyone’s exercise repertoire. If you are looking for an exercise machine that offers a great lower-body cardio workout and is easy to use, then a stepper exercise machine is for you.