Elliptical Exercise Machine

elliptical-exercise-machineAn elliptical exercise machine (elliptical trainer) combines the natural stride of a treadmill and the simplicity of a stair climber. This workout tool provides a non-impact cardiovascular workout, giving you the advantage of a full body workout without causing discomfort in your joints, making it the ideal choice for older individuals as it is forgiving to aging joints. It is also the machine of choice for anyone with back, knee, hip and joint problems.

When using the elliptical machine, your feet never leave the pedal, so it eliminates any impact in your workout, reducing the risk of injury from overusing any one-muscle group regardless of the level of resistance. An elliptical trainer is designed to provide a cardiovascular workout rather than build muscles. The low impact, weight- bearing, intensive cardiovascular workout is achieved through a smooth and natural motion. The fluid, non-jarring motion of the elliptical trainer imitates the natural path of the ankle, knee, and hip joints as we walk, run, or jog.

There are three types of elliptical trainers, categorized by the motor or “drive” location. The oldest elliptical design is the “rear drive” type, followed by the “front-drive” elliptical, and the latest design technology is the “center-drive”. Elliptical trainers are primarily driven via the legs, and most are combination designs, having handle-levers attached to each pedal. The dual action machine utilizes both the legs and arms in providing a full upper and lower body workout as it exercises the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, chest, back, triceps, and biceps. A recent study shows that varying the stride length on the elliptical trainer can recruit a larger variety of muscle groups. It also showed that as the stride is lengthened, more calories are burned without any higher rate of perceived exertion by the user.

An elliptical exercise machine is built for comfortable, maximum, full-body workouts. Backed up by scientific research, current designs of elliptical machines provide safer and more effective exercises. With technological advances integrated into these units, working out is even more fun and exciting than ever!