Elliptical Prices

Elliptical Prices By ProForm

ProForm is owned by Icon Health and Fitness, the largest Fitness equipment manufacturer and developer in the world. The brand has been a popular choice for individuals who want a sophisticated machine but do not want to break the thousand dollar limit. ProForm elliptical prices normally range from around 300 to a thousand dollars, although a few models may have price tags above this price range. Listed below are some of the Proform elliptical machines and their price tags:

  • ProForm ErgoStrider 3.0 Elliptical has a $349 price tag. Compact and sophisticated, this elliptical is the perfect fit for your fitness goals. It is covered by 5-year frame warranty and 90 days parts and labor warranty.
  • ProForm 850 SpaceSaver Elliptical features a space saver design. Currently priced at $499, this elliptical takes up very little room space when not in use as the base can be folded for storage.
  • ProForm iSeries 785 F Elliptical is priced at $599. This elliptical machine features Power Intensity Ramp which increases your stride incline for faster results. Varying the shape of your stride targets your glutes, quads and calves.
  • ProForm SpaceSaver® DX Elliptical is a heavy duty elliptical machine priced at $699. Aside from its space saver design, this elliptical features a tough commercial-gauge steel frame to withstand the most rigorous workouts.
  • ProForm 600 ZNE Elliptical is built with exceptional quality and sophisticated design for luxurious comfort. This $799 heavy-duty elliptical is built to last and is designed with high-quality steel.
  • ProForm 850 Elliptical with GameFit is priced at $999. This front-drive elliptical machine turns exercise time into play time. The two interactive video games, Fat Blocker and Calorie Destroyer, add excitement to your workouts.
  • ProForm 1200e Elliptical is a self-generating workout machine, designed to give you a commercial-quality workout experience. This attractive, heavy duty piece of workout equipment is priced at $1,299.

Elliptical prices are dictated by the machine’s quality, features, and warranty. Thus, before buying an elliptical machine, make sure that the machine is worth its price.