Exercise Equipment Mat

The Importance of an Exercise Equipment Mat

Exercising at home offers convenience and comfort, but not all of us have the patience for pilates or yoga. Walking or running around the house isn’t practical for most people. That is why Home fitness equipment, such as treadmills and elliptical machines, are becoming more and more popular. People often forget, though, the impact these machines can have on your floor. One of the best ways to protect your floor (and your machine) is by using an exercise equipment mat.

Exercise equipment mats are a great addition to any home gym. They protect floors especially vinyl, wood, or carpet floors from severe damage caused by heavy machines. They are particularly useful for moving equipment that is stored after each use, such as a fold up treadmills. The mat will help prevent scuffing and scraping up the floor when the machine is being dragged to and from.

Most importantly, exercise equipment mats give stability to exercise machines and provide a sturdy surface to prevent them from slipping while in use. They also reduce vibration and noise, and help prolong the life of the exercise machine by keeping floor and carpet dust from entering the belts, motors, and other mechanical parts.

Top exercise equipment manufacturers such as Proform, Nordictract, Lifefitness, and Ironman recognize the importance of these mats for their products, and some even offer free mats when purchasing their products.
So when you buy an exercise equipment mat, choose a store that offers a product discount and don’t just jump in and grab a cheap one. Read some reviews and compare the pros and cons of each brand to help you choose the best mat possible for your needs.