Exercise Rowing Machine

rowing machineRowing Machines started as training tools for watercraft rowing. What started as a machine using linear pneumatic resistance in 1900, has now evolved into a machine that very accurately simulates watercraft rowing. Today’s exercise rowing machine designs consist of a flywheel, of which movement is controlled by using pneumatic, hydraulic, or magnetic damping to mimic the effect of water on the oars. Technological advances in manufacturing have lead to machines that are lighter, more compact, sturdier, and are more precisely representative of a real boat.

Over the years, exercise rowing machines have gained popularity not just for rowing enthusiasts, but for regular athletes and common individuals as well. Rowing machines are excellent exercise machines for regular workout routines. This machine gives a very low-impact, full body workout, so it is not putting stress on your ankles, knees, and joints.

Rowing is a strength-endurance workout. It is a piece of exercise equipment that can get you into overall shape quickly simply because of the way it operates. It is an excellent tool for cardiovascular workouts, which helps strengthen the heart and the lungs, and it stresses muscle groups throughout the body anaerobically, providing a full body workout. Rowing machines work out your lower body muscles, lower legs and hamstrings, and it is also an excellent machine for toning upper body muscles: arms, chest, and shoulders. It burns calories intensely, up to eight hundred calories per hour. Using this machine also has a calming effect on the user due to its constant rhythmic movements.

The rowing machine should be used with extra caution. You should have the proper knowledge and learn rowing techniques before using the machine. Rowing’s most common injury site is the lower back, and focusing on both the mechanics and proper breathing is necessary to avoid any injury. The correct way of rowing is using the thigh muscles to drive much of the stroke. Also, the angle of the upper body should never be too far forward or too far back.

If you are into strength-endurance workouts, you might want to consider an exercise rowing machine. It is quite a bit cheaper than most treadmills and elliptical machines, and it’s practical and effective, so it helps you attain your fitness goal quickly without overspending.