Finding Good Rowing Machine Reviews

Many product review websites online are designed for one purpose – to sell you a specific product. Many people use product reviews to build up their product and are too concerned with making their product look good to offer legitimate customer reviews. This is true with rowing machine reviews and the reviews of all exercise equipment.

Top rowing machine manufacturers like Kettler (Kettler Coach) do not have to resort to this type of black hat marketing. Their products stand on their own reputation and performance. Other fitness machine manufacturers are not so straightforward. Beware of a comparison between rowing machine brands. Often this is a sign that one of the manufacturers is using this format to build up their own.

Beware also, of rowing machines reviews that are for sale on smaller, specialized websites. Many of these sites are affiliate marketing sites and the reviews are often not even real. This concept has been along for many years, pretty much as long as internet commerce has been around.

Never trust a review about a used piece of fitness equipment. Used rowing machines vary tremendously in quality and should be checked out in person anyway. Often, someone trying to sell a used one will build up the durability and strength of the particular model they are trying to sell.

Large commerce and customer report websites are the answer. Check out Amazon and They offer legitimate reviews that hold water. Also, opinion sites like E-Opinions are great places to read both negative and positive reports.