Fitness Equipment Leasing

Fitness Equipment Leasing

Fitness equipment leasing is on the rise. Renting is a great option for people who cannot afford the high costs of purchasing and maintaining fitness machines. This is also a great option for occupants who are more transient and want to do their exercise routines regularly, but don’t want to undergo the hassles of gym membership. The best thing about leasing is that it lets you experience working out on high end fitness equipment for a fraction of its commercial price, and if you cannot let go of the machine, most leasing companies offer rent-to-own options.

Most Fitness leasing companies target businesses. Starting a fitness club or updating an existing club requires a staggering amount of money. The cost of professional fitness machines are very high and buying used or refurbished equipment is not always the best option. If you opt to rent fitness machines, it could significantly reduce the cost of your initial investment. Most fitness equipment leasing companies require a minimum transaction of $5,000 and maximum amount of up to $2,000,000.

Leading fitness equipment companies can give top-of-the-line fitness machines, ideal for commercial use, for a very low price. Some companies, for example, lease a $6,000 machine for over only a hundred dollars. Since most rental companies do the maintenance and repairs for the rented equipment, the stress of maintaining the equipment is eliminated. You can concentrate on running your business and not on the condition of your exercise machines.

Leasing also assures better cash flow. Purchasing your leased equipment spreads the payments out so you don’t have to incur a large debt up front. Most leasing companies require no money down and provide flexible payments and extended terms. Equipment additions and upgrades are also available. Plus, leasing can provide tax advantages. Most lease payments are deducted from your business income, so it reduces your sales tax.

Whether you are considering fitness equipment leasing for personal use or for business, it offers some great advantages either way.