Fitness Rowing Machine

Fitness Rowing Machine, Fitness Rowing MachinesA Fitness rowing machine, or an indoor rower, sometimes referred to as an ergometer, simulates the action of watercraft rowing. Machines using linear pneumatic resistance have been around since 1900, but these early machines did not accurately simulate actual rowing. Modern rowing machines still use the basic principles of the rowing machine technology in 1980’s. Current designs consist of a flywheel connected to a chain and handle. The movement of the flywheel is controlled by using pneumatic, hydraulic, or magnetic damping to mimic the effect of water on the oars. Integrated with technological advances, today’s rowers are lighter, more compact, sturdier, and more precisely represent the action of a real boat.

Rowing machines used to be designed as a tool for training for watercraft rowing, but; nowadays, athletes and common individuals are using them as part of their workout routines. Indoor rowing has become an established sport. A large number of indoor rowing competitions are held all over the world, including the indoor rowing world championships.

A rowing machine provides a very low-impact whole-body exercise, which does not put much stress on your ankles, knees, and joints. Rowing is often referred to as a strength-endurance workout. Besides being an excellent cardiovascular workout, which is good for the heart and lungs, it anaerobically stresses muscle groups throughout the body. It provides a full-body workout, exercising both your lower body muscles; lower legs and hamstrings, and your upper body muscles; arms, chest, and shoulders. Rowing is an excellent way to tone up your body. It is an intense calorie-burning exercise. You can burn up to eight hundred calories per hour by working out on a rowing machine. The constant rhythmic movements of a rowing machine is also known to have a calming effect on the user.

Rowing’s most common injury site is the lower back. Like using any other fitness equipment, you should have a proper knowledge of how to use a rowing machine before using it. Proper technique, focusing on both mechanics and proper breathing, is necessary to avoid any injury. The correct technique uses the thigh muscles to drive much of the stroke; it also requires the angle of the upper body to never be too far forward or too far back.

If you want to buy a home exercise machine, you might want to consider a rowing machine. It is cheaper compared to other exercise machines such as treadmills and ellipticals. It is one piece of exercise equipment that can help you attain your fitness goals quickly and simply, because it exercises all the major muscle groups in the body.