Folding Treadmill: Should You Consider One?

In short, yes, one would be worth consideration. Really, it just depends on your needs. The reason companies started making folding treadmills is because there were definite advantages to owning a folding treadmill when it comes to space and storage. The problem has been that consumers would have to compromise on quality and stability. Well, those problems are now in the past. Treadmill companies have made design improvements to solve those issues so consumers don’t have to compromise on quality, stability, and features (at least not to the extent they once had to). Some companies even use the same frames on their folding treadmills as they do on their stationary treadmills. Below is a list of things to consider when looking for a folding treadmill.

1. How mobile do you need your folding treadmill to be? If you need one that is really mobile, then you should look at how easy it is to move the models that you are looking at. Generally speaking, folding treadmills are easier to move than stationary treadmills, but there are still varying degrees of ease when it comes to mobility and folding treadmills. Some things to look for are weight, wheels, width, and ease of folding. Ask your sales person about these features when shopping.

2. Purchase Price. Generally speaking, if you want a quality folding treadmill, you will need to budget for around $1,500. There are always exceptions to the rule. For example, you could look for used treadmills or internet specials. If you are looking to buy a new folding treadmill from a retail store, you won’t want to look at anything under $1,000, and you will most likely want to look at the ones in the $1,500 range. If your budget doesn’t currently allow for that price range, then you might want to consider saving a little longer to make sure you get a quality piece of equipment.

3. Stability. You want a machine that is stable and doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall apart or break when you are running (or even walking) on it. The reason why I stated in the above section that you don’t want to look at treadmills that are priced under $1,000 is because ones that are usually aren’t very stable. Like with most things, with treadmills you get what you pay for. I suggest that before purchasing a folding treadmill, take it for a test run. See if you like the feel of it. You’ll also want to check the weight capacity as that has a big impact on the stability of the machine. When you look at the manufactures suggested weight capacity, it is always a good idea to take off 50-75 pounds, as they tend to error on the side of too much weight.

4. Warranty. As with most things people purchase, warranty is a good indication of the quality of the product, and folding treadmills are no different. No matter what a sales person tells you, stay away from treadmills that offer anything less than a 1 year warranty on everything. The warranty for parts should be about double that, and the motor shouldn’t be anything less than 3 or 4 years (and really should be closer to 5 years).

When considering purchasing a folding treadmill, you should always first consider your needs. Once you have decided that a folding treadmill does fulfill your needs, then consider these four things before you make your purchase. Do your homework before going into the store so that you will be able to ask the right questions to the sales clerk and find the folding treadmill that is best for you.