Home Workout Equipment You May Already Have

If you are looking to get a piece of home exercise or home gym equipment, stop for a second to consider this. You may have one or even several pieces of home workout equipment already in your house. There are several things around the home that can offer you a tremendous workout and that can offer you some family fun as well. Before you go out and spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars, think about the following options.

1) Trampolines. Many homes have trampolines in the yard for the kids to play on. However, have you ever thought of it as a terrific piece of exercise equipment? It is one. Not only does bouncing on one for an extended period of time provide you with excellent aerobic exercise, it also helps to build and tone muscles in the legs, buttocks, and even upper body. However, the best attribute of working out on a trampoline could be the fun you could have with your children. There is not much more thrilling in the world to bounce around and play on a trampoline with your parents.

2) Wii. This game system manufactured by Nintendo is the first real at home interactive video game system with motion sensors. It allows you physically play the video game with a controller in your hand, and watch your character perform the motions you do on screen. The games vary but mostly consist of sports games like golf, tennis, bowling, ping pong, etc. Playing them is a lot of fun and almost without realizing it, you can get a tremendous workout from them. Again, playing them with your kids is a great way to get your exercise in while spending quality family time with your children.

3) Pool. If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool, you have access to perhaps the best workout facility possible. The exercise you can get from swimming is unmatched by any at home workout machine. You work every muscle in your body when you swim, you get great cardiovascular exercise, and the impact on your joints is non existent. It is the lowest impact exercise around. Lastly, again, swimming with your kids is a terrific time.