Horizon Treadmills

Horizon Fitness is one the least expensive treadmill brands in the market today. Horizon treadmills are known for their quality and sleek compact design. With a price range of around $700 – $2400, potential buyers have a variety of treadmill models to choose from.

Horizon Fitness uses the slogan “Designed for quiet operation and long life, with spacious, cushioned belts and powerful continuous-duty motors” on their treadmills. Horizon treadmills are powered by a quiet CHP motor. These motors are the same motors used by expensive commercial treadmills. They also use a variable cushioning system. This is an advanced cushioning system which cushions in the places where your feet need it the most. It also provides shock absorption to lessen the force of the impact, and it gives firm support to your foot as you push off for your next stride. The variable cushioning system gives more comfort and better protection for your joints.

Horizon treadmills are manufactured by Johnson Health Tech, a company which has been around since1975. Johnson Corporation is the largest fitness equipment manufacturer in Asia and the fourth in the world. It is a leading manufacturer of treadmills, ellipticals, and recumbent bikes. Johnson’s fitness equipment is sold world wide, and it carries the brands Matrix, Johnson, and Vision. Their target markets are commercial and higher & middle income home use.

Horizon’s budget treadmills are the Evolve SG Compact Treadmill, T91, and T101. These treadmills are available under $500, $540, and $600. These treadmills come with lifetime frame warranties. Their frames are sturdy and can handle more weight than most of the economy treadmills. For treadmills under a thousand dollars, Horizon’s budget treadmills are decent treadmills, and they have received positive reviews. Unlike expensive models, though, they are not engineered for excessive heavy-duty use. These machines are ideal for light users and for walking or light exercises.