How to Buy a Treadmill Online

Money is tight for most of us these days and finding economical ways to stay in shape can be difficult. At home exercise equipment, specifically treadmills, can be expensive. However, there are some steps you can take to get yourself the best price on a treadmill online. Buying online is a great consumer advantage for several reasons.

First, online retailers work with a much lower overhead than retailers with a physical store presence do. They are also able to ship directly to you which saves money. Lastly, you can often avoid sales tax and other fees by buying a treadmill online. With relatively high price points, this can be a major savings.

The only time you should not shop for a treadmill online is when you are looking to buy a used treadmill. Used treadmills can often provide the consumer with the best value, but can also be a risky proposition if you are not able to view and test out the machine in person. Many of the top brands like Horizon Fitness and Nordictrack treadmills offer thirty year warranties because they know how durable their machines are. Landice, Vision Fitness, and Life Fitness treadmills also offer lengthy warranties and can be great used buys. Do these deals in person.

When buying online, avoid treadmill reviews. Many sites that offer customer reviews of treadmills are just designed to promote their own self interests. Often, website owners will use a treadmill review as a way to market a specific brand or model to you. For good, honest reviews visit, or other large reputable sites.

The biggest tip to get the best deal on a new treadmill is to buy it directly from the manufacturer. Schwinn has been selling its treadmills to consumers for years. So does Nordictrack, Landice and many of the top treadmill makers. Obviously, if you can avoid the middleman, you are going to get a great price.