Hydraulic Fitness Equipment

hydraulic-fitness-equipmentHydraulic Fitness Equipment is used in a number of strength training exercises, and is usually apart of a circuit training program. The equipment uses a combination of high-intensity aerobic exercises and resistance training, which is easy to follow and targets fat loss, muscle building, and heart fitness.

These fluid machines develop strength through resistance exercises. This kind of equipment uses hydraulic cylinders instead of adjustable weight increments, or free weights, allowing users to work at various levels of exertion without having to make any adjustments to the machine. The fundamental principles behind these designs are based on fluid dynamics. Force that is applied at one point is transmitted to another point using an incompressible fluid known as hydraulic oil. Pressure or force is exerted on this oil, or fluid, by the help of a piston connected to the cylinder. By pushing on a padded bar, or a flat surface connected to this cylinder, force is exerted on a piston inside the cylinder, which leads to the movement of the machine.

Hydraulic fitness equipments that use cylinders instead of adjustable weights create more resistance. The harder one pushes, the more resistance there is. Those who are beginners may push slowly and still achieve a fruitful workout with minimal effort, and those who are advanced users, who have built up strength, can perform faster movements to get a challenging session as well. Hydraulic fitness equipment is designed to be balanced and stable, which offers an excellent workout for every person at any fitness level.

Because of the flexibility of the resistance of hydraulic fitness equipment, it is preferred by most women, children, seniors, physical therapy patients, and for individuals who are too intimidated to use other gym equipment. Because the force of one’s own movement dictates how much resistance the equipment provides, this machine is great for beginners for strength building.

Circuit training with fluid resistance hydraulic exercise equipment is comparable to swimming. You can simply slow down or speed up to adjust the intensity of your hydraulic fitness equipment workout. Since there are no cables to break, weight stacks to slam, or dumbbells to fall. It is very safe to use and requires little maintenance. This simple yet very effective piece of exercise equipment burns at least 500 calories in one 30 minute circuit training session.