Nordic Track Treadmill

As some of you may know, the original Nordic Track company went bankrupt, and the brand is now owned by Icon Fitness. Icon Fitness is the world’s largest manufacturer of exercise equipment, and they also make ProForm, Reebok, Epic, and other treadmill brands. One thing that people really like about Nordic Track is that they are made in the United States (with their manufacturing facilities in Logan, Utah).

Since Nordic Track makes so many models of treadmills, we will give an overall review of the Nordic Track series. We will list some of the pros and cons, and then give our final opinion. Some of the features that we list below aren’t necessarily found in all of the models (but can be found in most of them).

The biggest pro that Nordic Track treadmills have (and which they have a reputation for) is their technology. Nordic Track is always on the cutting edge of treadmill technology, and their latest models are no different. Some of the features on their new treadmills include built-in flat screen TV’s, CardioGripTM Heart Rate Monitor, Carb CounterTM, DuraSoft VTM Impact Cushioning, 1-StepTM Pulse Monitor, and, of course, the feature everyone has been hearing about, the new iFit Live. The iFit Live allows users to experience trails all over the world (including the proper inclines and declines). It works by interacting with Google maps to allow you to walk or run trails or roads and use either the street, map, or satellite view. With this list of features, there isn’t another treadmill brand that can compare in this category.

The reviews on the con list are a bit mixed, but there is one thing that all of the experts agree on: the warranties on the Nordic Track treadmills fall a little short. They do offer a lifetime warranty on the motor, but they only offer a 1 year warranty on parts and labor. While this isn’t a horrible warranty, with all the features that it offers (which leaves a possibility for a lot of things to go wrong), most people would like to see that warranty stretched out at least a year. They do offer an extended warranty of 1-3 years. There are also some questions about the overall quality and durability. Some believe that the quality and finish is not as good as some of its competitors in the same price range. On the other hand, there are some experts that believe the overall quality of Nordic Track treadmills has improved quite a bit and is every bit as good as its competitors.

Our Opinion:
If you are a person that likes to have all the latest bells and whistles on whatever you buy (especially on a treadmill) then a Nordic Track treadmill is definitely the way to go. There isn’t a treadmill on the market that can compete with the technology and the features that the Nordic Track has to offer. If you don’t need all of the extras, and are just looking for a straight running machine that you can use and abuse, then you would probably be best looking elsewhere. While the overall quality of the Nordic Track treadmills has improved, they still couldn’t be accused of being built like a tank.