Portable Exercise Bike or Mini Exercise Bike – Advantage or Disadvantage?

While the exercise bike has been used for at home exercise since the 1980’s, it’s even more popular today. The main reason for it’s longevity is the advances in technology and style the top manufacturers have been able to make over the years. The dual action, magnetic, recumbent, spinning and portable exercise bike are some examples. This article focuses on the portable or mini exercise bike and how it stacks up against the other top styles.

A dual action exercise bike, like an elliptical, gives you an lower and upper body workout simultaneously. A recumbent exercise bike allows the user to sit on a larger, bucket style seat, closer to the ground than other styles. A spinning bike simply spins but replicates the feel of a real bike amazingly well. A magnetic exercise bike uses magnetized resistance to give the user ultimate control over the difficulty of their workout. All of these style bikes have specific advantages. What are the advantages of a portable exercise bike?

There are two. One, they can be easily moved and used anywhere. On a nice day they can be used outside and then easily carried inside to be used in front of the television. Some even incorporate a folding style. A foldable bike can be made very compact and can be stored in small places. Foldable bikes take up a lot less room than the others. They are very popular with people who live in smaller places.

The second advantage is cost. They are significantly less expensive than the others. There is a very big price range for mini exercise bikes starting at around fifty dollars and going up to the thousand dollar range.

The biggest disadvantage is comfort. Because of their small size, they are not very comfortable and can even cause stress or pain to the back because of little support. The stand of the bike is small, therefore the sturdiness is not all it could be and users have complained that they actually have to balance a little as they use them.

Who makes this style of exercise bike? Top rated manufacturers are Schwinn, Proform and Lifecycle. Lifecycle exercise bikes have long been recognized as the industry leader by many consumer reports but Schwinn exercise bikes and Proform are very well respected as well.