ProForm FX7 Elliptical

Priced at around $600, the ProForm FX7 elliptical is a great catch. This non-impact exercise machine outperforms all other elliptical trainers in the same price range. Listed below are the features of the Proform FX7 elliptical. These features are what set it apart from other brands.

1. 18” stride length. This provides comfortable maximum leg muscle workouts, most economy ellipticals only give a 14” – 16” stride length.
2. QuickResistance technology. Easily adjust intensity at a touch of a button.
3. 19 pre-programmed workouts, including 4 that are geared for the heart. Each program is designed by a certified personal trainer, which adjusts speed or incline automatically. Creating additional programs for a customized workout is also possible.
4. iFIT® Compatible for endless workout possibilities.
5. EKG™ Grip Pulse Sensor and a chest sensor. Two options for checking heart rate.
6. 250-lb user weight limit.
7. Easy-to-read monitor to tract progress with ease.
8. CoolAire™ Fan. It is built into the console to stay cool while working out.

The ProForm FX7 elliptical is designed for average built users. If you are below 200 lbs, this is an ideal elliptical machine for you. For more information about Proform FX7 elliptical just click the link below.

ProForm Ellipticals