ProForm Power 995 Treadmill

ProForm Power 995 TreadmillProForm Power 995 Treadmill features a gym-quality workout machine. It uses a high capacity motor and very spacious treadmill deck capable of handling multiple users. This treadmill has undergone ProForm quality testing for up to 1700 hours.  These tests include 3 weeks of deck-pounding which means 475 pounds of force hitting the deck over 1 million times. Console testing includes white noise, software checks, console functionality and static electricity charges and finishes the process with 200 hours of human testing. Its specifications and features include:

  • 3.5 CHP Mach Z Commercial Pro Motor. This motor is the biggest in its class, thus it is quieter. As the heart of any treadmill, a strong motor is important for longevity, noise, and responsiveness.
  • 20″x 60″ Treadbelt. This treadmill belt is ProForm’s largest, most durable 2-ply belt, capable of handling multiple users and can withstand heavier use.
  • PRO TECH Adjustable Cushion Deck. This superior absorption system delivers the perfect balance of comfort and joint protection as it reduces impact on your joints by 15% compared to road running. It’s also adjustable, so you can customize your cushion to match the firmness of a road or the forgiveness of a trail.
  • 1-12 MPH QuickSpeed®. This feature allows you to change your speed between 0 to 12 MPH with just a touch of a button.
  • 0-12% Quick Incline™. Quick Incline® allows you to conveniently change the incline between 0 to 12% with just a single touch of a button.
  • 350-Lb. Weight Capacity. This sturdy deck and the big motor withstand heavy, repetitive use and able to accommodate weights up to 350 lbs.
  • iFit® Live Capable. iFit Live, through Google Maps, allows you to experience different course anywhere in the world. Your custom course is downloaded to your treadmill and your treadmill responds by automatically simulating the incline of the course. It also allows you to customize your own fitness program, receive automatic workout downloads, manage your profile online and work out with Jillian Michaels. Other features include nutrition and activity tracker, motivating text messages and emails, and workout videos available for download.
  • Workout Programs.  Aside from  to iFit Live, this treadmill also offers 10 Performance Workouts, 6 distance workouts (1 mile, 5K, 10K, 10 Mile and Half Marathon) and 6 Weight loss programs, each designed by a Certified Personal Trainer.
  • Workout Intensity Control. This feature allows you to adjust the intensity of your workout at any time. You can simply adjust the intensity and the program will automatically adjust to your desired performance level.
  • Dual-Grip Heart Rate Monitor. The built-in sensors in the handle bars conveniently and accurately monitor your heart, ensuring you’re always in your optimum training zone for your goals.
  • Interplay® Music Port. This music port is compatible for iPod® and with your iPod® resting on the console shelf, the controls are within easy reach.
  • Intermix Acoustics® 3.0 EQ Sound System. This built-in sound system features 3 high-excursion drivers that deliver incredible clarity while reproducing a sweeping range of audio frequencies.
  • Touch-Screen Display. The touch-screen display allows you to quickly navigate through workout stats and options to keep you on the fast track.
  • CoolAire® Workout Fan. This console built-in fan is aimed at your core area for faster cooling, enabling you to work out longer for faster results.
  • SpaceSaver® Design. This machine comes with an easy storage design, allowing the deck to be folded vertically.
  • Great Warranty. This treadmill is covered with a Lifetime Frame Warranty, Lifetime Motor Warranty, 2-Year parts and 1-Year labor warranty.

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NEW 2010 model! ProForm Power 995 Only $1099 plus FREE Shipping
NEW 2010 model! ProForm Power 995 Only $1099 plus FREE Shipping