Quality Home Fitness Rowing Machines

Since the popularity of home fitness rowing machines has increased year by year since the 1980′s, the number of companies manufacturing them have also increased. Despite the many manufacturers, the leaders in the industry remain constant. Below is a synopsis of the top rowing machine manufacturers.

Stamina Rowing Machines – Stamina has been making rowers since 1987. They jumped into the home fitness industry, making everything from treadmills to exercise bikes. However, reviews of their rowers have been the highest out of all the machines they make. Specializing in realistic water rowers, they provide machines lifelike feel and comfort.

Tunturi – This company is based in Finland and they are best known for making the highest quality two wheel bikes in the world. However, they have been making simulation rowing machines for over 80 years. Originally designed to help Finland’s rowing athletes be able to practice indoors, the production of their top notch machines skyrocketed when the at home gym equipment industry took off.

Concept 2 Rowing Machines – Concept 2 is a another leader who got involved in manufacturing at home rowers when the boom began in the seventies. They have been making indoor rowers since this time. Reviews of their products are generally positive and their biggest attribute is their durability. Often, you will see used Concept rowers for sale because they last a long time.

Kettler Rowing Machines – Based in Germany, this company has been a leader in all fitness equipment for fifty years. Their rowers are considered top of the line and they now export their fitness products to over 60 countries.

WaterRower Rowing Machines – WaterRower is best known for it’s lifelike simulation of the real sport. Many professional rowers choose these machines to practice with. Although the price of their products are generally high, so is the customer satisfaction rate they receive in most customer reviews.

It is difficult to do a comparison between all of the top makers of rowing machines because they all have different strengths and weaknesses. Your best bet is to find one that feels good to you and fits within your budget.