The Treadmill and Your Self Esteem

There are many reasons why a treadmill makes a great piece of at home workout equipment. However, one that gets overlooked is the increase in self esteem most people who purchase one realize. There are several reasons why you could feel better about yourself after buying and using a treadmill.

First, there are the obvious reasons. Someone who regularly uses a treadmill consistently for over six months, has an 85% chance of losing significant weight. Of course, weight loss will make you feel better about yourself and will increase the amount of self esteem you feel every day. Also, spurned on by the motivation they feel after seeing a thinner version of themselves, many people purchase new clothes that fit better and consequently look better. This adds as well.

Some lesser known reasons are as follows. First, if you have children, you will feel like a better parent. You will know that you are taking steps to get into better shape so that you are able to play more with your kids, give them more attention, and live longer for them.

You will feel better about what you accomplish every day because of the increased energy you will experience from regular workouts. It is amazing how much more you will see yourself getting done every day, with less effort. You will go to sleep knowing you had a productive day.

Mood enhancement is another leading factor to increased self esteem. The cardiovascular workout you get from running or walking on a treadmill leads to the release of endorphins from your brain. These endorphins are natural mood enhancers. When you are in a good mood, you feel better about yourself and everything else in your life.

If you are married, you will get an esteem boost from the way your spouse looks at you. It won’t be only because of your weight loss, it will also be because someone who takes pride in their health and appearance is attractive.