Treadmill Wax

Treadmills are among the most widely used fitness equipment in the world. Owning the equipment means having the responsibility of maintaining the machine in order to maintain a smooth operation and extend the life of the machine. Proper treadmill maintenance includes lubricating the treadmill belt. A well-lubricated belt moves more smoothly so your motor does not need to work as hard, which translates to lesser electricity consumption and more savings.

Treadmill belts are normally strong, even the less expensive ones. The problem is that the quality of the belt should withstand the high friction caused by a combination of many factors, including the quality of the belt, the treadmill deck, and the weight and force applied by the user. Friction produces heat, and along with tension, it destroys the treadmill belt and eventually the treadmill deck. Newer treadmill belts are usually made of polyurethane while older belts are made of polyester monofilament and/or cotton with a rubber or PVC coating.

Proper treadmill lubrication maintenance keeps the friction to a minimum and extends the life of the belt. Treadmill belts can be lubricated by 100% pure silicon lubricant, which is preferred by many because of its ease of use. Another good option is treadmill wax, which is the product of choice according to some treadmill manufacturers. In using treadmill wax, you must make sure that the wax is pure paraffin and does not contain damaging ingredients such as petroleum or acetone based lubricants, which damage rubber belts, polyvinyl belts, and even the more resistant polyurethane belt.

Before applying the treadmill wax, you must run the treadmill for at least five minutes to soften any residual wax or lubricant under the belt. Unplug the machine before cleaning thoroughly the area to be waxed. It is very important that you apply it properly or else the clumps of waxes may form on the rollers and other areas, resulting in uneven belt wear.  For wax powder or wax crystals, you can use a teaspoon of wax and evenly spread a layer underneath the treadmill belt. For liquid wax, evenly spray the treadmill deck underneath the treadmill belt. Finally, use your treadmill immediately after applying the wax to increase absorption.

Maintaining a treadmill is quite a tedious job, but it is less expensive than repairing a broken unit. If you are a health club owner who owns a number of treadmills, lubricating your machines translates to higher profits.