Treadmills for Kids – Benefits

With the popularity of video games, computers, and tv shows rising amongst children, it’s getting harder and harder for us to get our kids outside. They are getting less and less exercise these days and it’s becoming a problem nationally. Many of our children in this country are obese, out of shape and unhealthy. Some parents have turned to at home fitness equipment to help improve the health and conditioning of their children. But what at home fitness machine is best for kids? The answer many experts agree on is the treadmill.

The treadmill is great for kids for several reasons. First, treadmills come with several features that appeal to a child’s sense of excitement and entertainment. There are built in tvs, dvd players and stereo systems available to keep your child entertained as they workout. Many kids actually enjoy working out as they watch tv or listen to music and the novelty of watching a treadmill tv keeps them entertained.

There are also customized workout plans available on treadmills. These pre designed workouts can challenge kids, giving them goals to shoot for. This is similar to the experience they get from trying to pass different levels on video games and they get an even greater sense of accomplishment when they meet these goals with physical activity. These workouts can challenge a child to complete a workout in a certain amount of time, by going certain distances, or by climbing hills of different lengths.

The exercise that kids get from working out on a treadmill suits them very well and ensures their safety. The exercise is low impact, meaning there is very little stress put on their joints. Also, the exercise is strictly cardiovascular with no weight training involved. Many experts believe that there should be no weight training in children for various health and growth reasons.