Used Exercise Bike

Buying a Used Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes are one of the most commonly used pieces of exercise equipment. It is the fitness machine of choice for people wanting to workout but have limited movement due to neck or back problems. Exercise bikes offer back and weight support and deliver minimum impact on your body while working out.

There are two types of exercise bikes currently on the market, the upright which has a design just like the traditional bike (the pedals are directly below the seat) and the recumbent bike of which pedals are placed in front of the seat. In order to use the latter, the rider has to be in a recline position. Recumbent bikes are ideal for people with back or neck injuries, because it provides support to your upper body.

If you cannot afford expensive exercise equipment, but you would like a way to work out at home, you can always look into buying a used exercise bike. You can get the same benefits from a used exercise bike as you can a new exercise bike, provided you know how to pick a good machine.

There are things that you need to consider before buying a used exercise bike, and price is first on the list. Decide a price range that you are comfortable with, and look for bikes in that price range that are in the best condition. The bikes with the most features are generally the ones with the higher price tag.

The next thing to consider is comfort. Every bike offers a little bit different support, and some bikes cater more to large people and some cater to smaller people. Be sure to choose a bike that offers the support and comfort that is best for your body type. Adjustability is also an important feature on an exercise bike, especially when there are other people who plan to use the bike. The type of resistance is also something to consider. Magnetic resistance is more expensive, but it’s quiet and more consistent compared to tension belts.

The last thing to consider is the type of electronics you want on the bike. The bikes with the more sophisticated features will obviously be more expensive, but they may be worth the price tag. One of the more important electronic features to consider is the heart rate monitor. These monitors allow you to stay within your target heart rate zone to get the best results for your workout.

Remember, while it is true that working out on treadmills and elliptical machines allow you to burn more calories than on exercise bikes, they also can take a toll on your ankles, knees, joints, and spine. This can make your workout uncomfortable and painful, so you won’t last too long on your routines. Using an exercise bike provides comfort while losing those unwanted calories, making your workout easy to sustain and producing good results.